It is simple - no other Polish research institute, no other Polish research agency will ensure to your Organization:

  • the group of native researchers (i.e. the research of the Italian market is conducted  by the team consisted of Italians,  the research of market in Great Britain is performed by native British people) dedicated and delegated especially for you
  • dedicated and scalable system, adjusted especially to various research projects ? where you are always able to monitor the research being conducted
  • researchers uniting the academic knowledge with the economical practice
  • members of the assemblies like: PSMOR, PSA and PES
  • dedicated project manager for your research project ? in the cooperation with you or your staff he will select suitable instruments and research methodologies, help with an adequate conversion of the decision problems to the research problems and also he will prepare and present the results of research conducted by the researchers? team.

... and international research companies ? indeed, they will offer the same, but not always they will facilitate communication in Polish as well as the full recognition and understanding of your needs.

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