Artur Kotliński


He has over 20 years of experience and practical knowledge in the field of marketing research. He moderated, managed or participated in over 450 research projects commissioned by, inter alia, such companies, institutions, cities as: BGK Nieruchomości, Vantage Development, Focus Mall, CH Forum, Pasaż Grunwaldzki, Deltim, Virtu, Temar, KRD, Hilding Anders, NBP, Herbapol Wrocław, Herbapol Poznań, Indykpol, UOKiK, PARP, Opole, Wrocław, Elbląg, AMICA SA ,, TP SA, BP, Agora SA, Danone, Deloitte, Roche, PGE, PKN Orlen, Peugeot, Renault, Radio Wrocław, Radio Koszalin, Wrocław Television, Gazeta Wrocławska, Impel, Jeleniogórskie Zakłady Optical (JZO ), The PKP SA Group and many others.

He is a member of the nationwide Team of External Experts for Delphi Analyzes of the National Foresight Program „Polska 2020”.

Academic lecturer, incl. at the University of Economics in Wrocław and the University of Business in Wrocław. Member of the Polish Society of Market and Opinion Researchers (PTBRIO).

Jarosław Sawicki


Sociologist, researcher and analyst with 15 years of experience. Associated with several research agencies. He has participated in several dozen research and consulting projects, including for UOKiK, PARP, Roche, PGE, Polskie Radio Koszalin, Kompania Piwowarska, Echo Investment, Dom Maklerski Penetrator, Foundation for European Education, Diners Club, Pasaż Grunwaldzki, Impel, Focus Mall, Radio Wrocław, Allegro Agency, Renault Polska, Pilsner Urquell, Intermody, the Europa Publishing House, the portal, the InBIT Group, Dolnośląska Spółka Gazownictwa and many others. He has carried out research projects, including for cities such as: Opole, Kołobrzeg, Dzierżoniów, Olkusz, Jasło.

Member of the Polish Society of Market and Opinion Researchers.

Emilia Pokropińska


Sociologist, evaluator. Author and co-author of numerous research concepts, reports and analyzes. He has almost 10 years of experience, primarily in the field of diagnostic studies (including for the needs of urban programs and strategies) and evaluation studies of projects co-financed by the EU and regional operational programs. It works primarily with the public sector, mainly at the voivodeship level (including marshal offices and voivodeship labor offices) and the national sector, including Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Economy (now Ministry of Economic Development), Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency S.A. (currently the Polish Investment and Trade Agency S.A.).

Joanna Jankowska


Sociologist and marketing specialist all in one. She knows all the technical capabilities of the focus room’s equipment like no one else in the team. After hours, a fervent enthusiast of make-up tutorials on YouTube.

Justyna Stańczyk


Sociologist and analyst with 5 years of experience. Author and co-author of strategic documents, revitalization programs and other projects for local government units, as well as the private sector. She has implemented projects, including for: Ministry of Digitization, Małopolska Tourist Organization, Voivodeship Employment Office in Łódź, Institute of Territorial Development in Wrocław, University of Economics in Wrocław, Małopolska Regional Development Observatory, Jasło City Hall, communes: Jastrząb, Wierzbica, Korzenna, Kuźnia Raciborska, labor offices and regional social welfare centers. Lecturer.



Social psychologist, sociologist, evaluator. She has been associated with the social research and evaluation industry since 2012. She has professional experience in conducting the research process at every stage – from preparation of methodology, through field research coordination, to analysis of empirical material and preparation of the final report. It implements projects primarily for the public sector. Author and co-author of research at the voivodeship level (commissioned by marshal offices and voivodeship labor offices) and national level (commissioned by, among others, the Ministry of Economy, the Central Examination Commission).



Institutional analyst with over 15 years of experience, trader and trainer. In 2008-2010, coordinator of sports investments in Wrocław – including the preparation of an indoor ski slope investment. As part of his duties, he prepared business plans for sports facilities. In 2015-2018, he prepared strategic documents for local government units and applications for funding under the ROP. Specialist in organizing mass events and developing promotional documentation with elements of gamification. Specialist in creating strategic documentation such as: Investment Feasibility Study, Communal Strategies, Revitalization Strategies.