For our Clients (in the business, as well as JST sector) we prepare comprehensive elaborations in the area of marketing strategies, as well as documents of strategic significance for Polish local governments, i.e.

  • local / communal revitalization programs
  • social issue resolution strategies
  • development strategies
  • tourism development strategies
  • promotion strategies
  • brand strategies
  • marketing communication strategies
  • analyses of demand in terms of feasibility studies

The IPC Strategy Department is a team of excellently trained strategists, analysts, marketing specialists, psychologists and researchers with international experience in working for corporations, medium sized businesses, as well as local government entities.

Cooperation with our Strategy Department guarantees that the compiled document in question will be prepared by an interdisciplinary team based on knowledge in various fields, which is an invaluable asset in the process of strategy building, provides a broader view of the surrounding environment and delivers innovative solutions and tools.